Delinquent metaphysical
God, it’s a hunter’s

I see long, disheveled
plasterized concussions
breeding in the kitchen sink;

And long, drawn out
persisting sisterhood;
the serpent rise,
when all August,

The temple burns;
flesh and blood, burns
the catalysts of our

Stepping on the
altar & housing our
faith in flesh & bone.

Neurons Firing

She circles her;
corrupts the neural
pathways between
life & death, chaos &
clarity; deceit & —

An incomprehensible
paralysis of forms &
fanfics; plagiarized
corruptible data structs.

Every organized
religion dissociated
from their Christ,
their Buddha,
their God.

And I see stars
where migratory
pathways form,
I see neural networks
at work in the celestial
bodies; and I open my
eyes to the incomprehensible;

Deciding death’s toll.

Lady Infinite

Counting the days,
until we meet
death’s doorway;
spiraling into
a black hole sun,

Gathering light
as I pass stars,
in sequence;
filling my bucket
with luminescence.

I make a map of Heaven;
that I circulate amongst
the saints & angels,

And landing
on the moon,
I settle deep into
her dusty contours,
satisfied with my advanced
degree of interstellar
knowledge; I decree
the swallowing whole
of systems of stars,

That the universal
Big Bang–
be made complete.


A bit of sand,
in the fleshy
parts of me.

An irritable
for change.

This pain
relieves my

And I remain
static like the
sea or an untuned
television set.

Buzzing with
the entropy of
my algorithmic

Threads stacked thinly
against the surging tide.


The crowded atmosphere
of last night’s ball, dressed

To kill.

I can see it,
in your eyes,
the way they
reflect the way
that you despise; her.

Blood boils;
cuts run deep;
I can see
the pain manifest itself.

In your eyes,
the way they,

the anger
in your voice.