Our insecurities; dismantled chromosomes

phosphorescent sunlight,
shining over the peaks of our arousal,
that moistened moment
when gravity deletes
all memories of past.

The rebound state of re-action, causality, inhibition,

Suddenly entrenched in this

State of volatility;
union in disrepair,
fearing. Flightful
after a sudden realization
that everything could
be swept beneath the rug

In an instant.

But you stayed,
I am so happy you stayed.

Your inner thigh,
with moist desire,
tempting me.

And an aroused
multiplication of
neural firings.

Neutron stars.

Your gaze
meets mine;
and in this
of time;

Our lips touch,
as if
for the first time,
where words

Proclaim unity.

Beauty enough to describe
the intricate workings of
my mind’s eye;

An extraction of pure gold
for our wedding rings,
from ore;
from our;
promised commitment.

Love has wings,
and as we fly,
through the valley
of death, destruction, and war,
even in the worst of times;
our love will bear us up.

The matrix of our spirituality,
where death and God make contact with
the seven heavens and nine hells.

And as primality speaks of incoherency,
ceramic shatters; leaving only blindness
and incarceration.

From the shards of loneliness,
an angel trapped in the body of a bee;
uplifting my heart
in what seems to be

An inoculation sent from on high.