Twin Stars

Transformations; to be free
her swollen breast absolves her sin,
and love casts a final glance,
in her direction.

The weightlessness of her desire,
as she speeds towards self-destruction,
no barriers in place between her
and oncoming traffic,

And she speeds;
heightening her awareness,
and she speeds,
burning up with passion;

Until she hears a voice
speak to her and say,
slow down.

Keep to the right side.


And she lays her foot
on it.
like with the caresses
of a newborn child;

Slowly coming to a stop.

Opening the door,
her voice becomes coherent
once more.

And she comes to the slow realization,
that she will cry.
That her heart will rend itself
in two halves.
Because she has lost herself,
and found some other form of sanity
to dip her soul within.

We twin stars,
orbiting each other’s
vibrant mass,

Will one go out,
and leave the other
in existence?

How horrible the fate of lovers.

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